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Part 2 of my Pan American Highway adventure. Last Nov-Feb, we rode from Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Darien Gap in Panama. 36 days of riding in 34 mins., so relax, pull up a chair and enjoy.


oh , ya , I'm riding my 1996 RT , 150,000 miles on that bike !

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thanks for the good words guys , glad you enjoyed. 34 mins is kind of long in a "u tube" world so you guy rock! It would help me out if you'd repost it or LIKE it to facebook. Thanks again.

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That was a really enjoyable film, Dave. Thank You for sharing it.

Terrific narration, editing and the music is still playing in my head.

Would you be so good as to share the names of the groups/songs that you used?


Gosh, I really just want to GO SOMEWHERE NOW :grin:

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I really should have but this at the end of the video , thanks for "getting it" . Big shout out of thanks to all these players


in order


John the Revelator - Sun House

Who Discovered America - Ozomatli

Cle Achel - Tinariwen

Calle Lamento - Pasjeros sin Billete

Ran Kan Kan - Tito Puente

Mi Linda Nica - unknown

Soy Callejero - Los Mocosos

Emocionado - Fidel Nadal

Djobi Djoba - Gipsy Kings

Imidiwan Ma Tenam - Tinariwen

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