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What would you do?


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I will be going to Reno on Monday and I will have three or so days to ride before heading back. Right now I am looking at riding in the Sierras or maybe running over to the coast. I did Highway 36 last year and loved it. I do not really have any place that I want to go-just ride. What would you do? Where would you go? I will be on the RT and it needs shocks so good pavement is a plus. Also does anyone have any recommendations on places to stay or eat along the way? Thanks as always.

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Look in the archives for links to UN X in Lake Topaz for routes.

Almost no bad choices out there.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Roads I like.

89 from Topaz Lake all the way to Lassen. Weekdays.


A full days ride will get you 88 W/B, down to 120 through Yosemite E/B, 108 W/B and back to 395 via 4 E/B. Beautiful country with some must see sights. You could always try to see how many times you can equalize your ears with somewhere around 8 peaks/passes from Reno through route selection.

Above can be shortened to any two of the above.


You can scoot down I80 to Auburn, or just prior to hop on 49 and ride all the way back to 89. My personal preference is the reverse route which give you a view of some striking peaks near Bassetts.


395 down to Mammoth and points slightly further south just to look at the east slope. The colors are amazing down there. Take Benton Crossing Rd. to Hwy 120 and ride the roller coaster section of 120 W/B back to 395 with the last portion along the southern edge of Mono Lake.


A must do in my book is Buffalo meat loaf at the gas station on Hwy 120 at 395 (Mono Lake). Haven't tried it but Walker Burger is also touted as being good, also on 395.

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Looking for good pavement? 89 starting at 395. +1 on 120 W out of Benton!!! It will put a tickle in your belly and a smile on your face.

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