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2000 R1100RT low RPM noise

Old Sport

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I have recently become the proud owner of a 2000 R1100RT with 53,000 miles. The previous owner was not very clear about the exact fluids that were in the bike, so I changed the transmission fluid and final drive fluid to BelRay 90w hypoid gear oil and amsoil 10W 40 in the engine. The bike shifted extremely smoothly at first but soon returned to the clunkyness I felt at first and I notice a sort of whine from the drive, not loud but noticable. I drained the fluid and replaced with Lucas same weight seems better now but wondering if it is just the nature of the beast. The fluid looked new after 2000 miles. I also notice a vibrating noise from the top of the motor at low rpm as I rev the engine. I thought it was loose tupperware at first but it is there with the tupperware off. It is on at say 1100 to 1600 rpm. If I am at 2000 rpm and roll on the throttle it is smooth and quite. Is this just a lubricating issue from the sump or a cam chain issue? I am new to BMWs and they are different animals to say the least. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Afternoon Old Sport


Those 1100 gear boxes were a bit clunky even when new.


In my opinion by far the best thing you can do to get smoother shifts is to learn to lightly preload the shift lever in the direction of the shift just prior to using the clutch. With a little shifter pre-load it should somewhat slickly jump into the next gear with little clunking.


Also play with the amount of clutch disengagement during the shift (try a QUICK partial de-clutching during the preloaded shift). In any case try different clutch lever pull in amounts & distances until you are happy that the shift is a smooth as possible.


Now on the transmission gear oil-- it seem about every BMW boxer I have owned responded to a different viscosity or type of gear oil. My early boxer 5 speeds really liked a thicker gear oil like Red Line Heavy & the later 6 speeds liked a thinner oil like 75W90. Keep trying different viscosities & brands until something makes it a bit better (won't make tremendous difference though).


On your engine noise-- without hearing it or you explaining it in GREAT DETAIL we can only guess. It could be as simple as the L/H cam chain tensioner not keeping the chain tight (pretty common) to something loose on the engine like the alternator or alternator belt, to even normal.


Tell us in detail what sounds like-- Like a stone in a can, or bird noise, or duck quack, or coin change rattle, etc. Give us something that it sounds like.


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