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Possible RCR Event


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A couple years ago, many of us met at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for a tour and found it enjoyable. (We even tried to have one member committed but seems they have standards....)


This year, we found something that might be of interest to some of the attendees - Smooth Ambler Spirits. They are a small batch distillery in the Greenbrier Valley (right outside Lewisburg, WV).

Smooth Ambler



Craig & I stopped by during our scouting for the RCR in March. They offer free tastings, free tours, and if we get enough people, they are willing to do an 'after hours' event just for us with the tastings and tour and some munchies. We found their products to be quite tasty (Craig even liked their Gin and he hates gin!)


If you are interested in a private tour, please let me know.


Otherwise, note the Red Rover route goes right by the distillery and its well worth the extra 3 minutes to go and check them out.





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When Jim referenced the Red Rover route, he's referring to the routes that we haven't posted yet. They are not yet 100% complete. Worry not, they'll be finished within a couple weeks or so.


However, for the purposes of this discussion, the Red Rover routes are those that head SW from Snowshoe over towards Fayetteville and then back to Snowshoe via Lewisburg.


The reason I say "Red Rover routes are those" (plural) is this year we are presenting 3 versions of each of the 7 basic routes (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, & NW). So, there are 3 versions of the SW - Red Rover route, which vary somewhere btwn 260-330 miles and cover a variety of roads. All of them pass by Smooth Ambler Distillery.


Their Saturday tours hours are 12;00-2:00 and they are open for retail sales until 3:00 pm. After hours means a tour that would begin at 3:00 pm. The tour would last about an hour.


FYI: It's about an hour and a half back to Snowshoe from Smooth Amble going straight up US219. Going back the more scenic route part of the 2 longer versions of Red Rover would take slightly longer.

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Thanks for responding, Mike. You're the first.


However, I don't think Jim was suggesting we head to the Asylum again this year. We did that already and it's too soon. However, that doesn't mean you can't get a group of folks together and go there.


The event this is the Smooth Ambler Spirits distillery tour.

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Both look very interesting, Jim. Thanks for sharing. The Asylum looks particularly interesting.


If you decide to check out the Asylum......it is very well worth the trip, and definitely worth paying for the guided tour. The staff knew the place inside/out, and had many interesting stories about the different locations they take you to. Here are some pics from our first trip there. LINK

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Well Jim ... only one interested party after a week of being posted. Hmmm ...


Wanna throw a line out in the "RCR pond" to see if we get any bites over there? (You could just reference this thread over there.)

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