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2004 Rockster Starter Issue


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Bought the bike last week and had to install stick coils and my independent BMW mechanic said the starter will go out next (bendix). Sometimes when I push starter button it does not turn over, just makes a constant noise, not a clicking noise. Other times it will start immediately however if it does'nt start the noise (whiring) begins without turning over. Batt is ok. Could someone please direct me to a post that shows how to remove starter. I called Euro Moto Electric and they have a kit to "tune-up" starter for $15.00. They also sell the Valeo for $189 or their brand for $119 (Taiwan). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Bill.

You'll find a whole raft of info about starter motor work.


Basically, if it's a clean up and lube, you can do it yourself .

See below:




If your motor is jamming, then the chances are you are suffering from detached stator magnets.

The only reliable solution to this is a new or service exchange item.



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Contacted the Ga starter company and they did not have a $113 starter for my Rockster, their price was $179. Thanks anyway.

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