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Demo truck in area...ohh boy


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Ladies and gents... the demo truck was here today.... 30 mins on the new GTL..whoa baby...holy freight trains! What a machine! so light, so crisp...good full range power...I was a little freaked by how low the seat was...but no cramped up feeling....I could see running this one coast to coast no problem...sticker kinda puts a dampener on a purchase of one of these any time soon..but man what a machine...thanks BMW for making such wonderful machines.....I'll stick with my 1200rt for now she's no slouch and super comfortable....my question is whats that 6 cylinder like for mileage? any owners out there with any feed back?good,bad? Thanks...ride safe...give your mom a hug if she's still with you...I'll send a prayer to mine..she passed 2 years ago but will never leave my soul....its their day tomorrow give them the honor and respect and love they deserve..see ya on the road

Jeff H

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