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Oops. Scratched my screen.....


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Just testing the water folks.

Have an '06 R12RT, and stupidly managed to knock the windshield over, having taken it off the bike and propped it up whilst working on the front end.

Bottom line is I now have a few small scratches on it. Nothing major - they look like small bugs that haven't been fully cleaned off.

Question is, does anyone know of anything that will remove them, without too much expense, or bother.

As I said above, they're no big deal, but more of an 'I know they're there' kind of thing.


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Cruise on over to your nearest regional airport and ask the guy in the parts store. There's a plastic cleaner/polisher that used on small airplane windows that should work for your.

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Meguiars makes a polish for acrylic and airplane windshields that most likely take most of it out. It comes in two grits. If you use it several times it will eventually polish most of it out.


My advice for windshields...Go buy cloth diapers...wash them..no softner..Usually 6 in a pack for about $12. They're getting a little hard to find, but there is nothing more gentle on your windshield. Rub one way..up and down. Been using that method on aiplane windshiels for 25+ years.

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Evening Lan


Before using anything more than a light cleaner on that windshield you need to find out if it uses a coated surface. A lot of motorcycle windshields use a coating on the windshield as protection against scratching. If your stock windshield has that type of coating & you use an abrasive on it you won't be a happy person.


I don't know if the BMW 1200 is coated or not. Hopefully someone that has researched it will post here.


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Having lived with it for a few days now, I think I'll leave it.

Firstly as DR mentions, there may be some sort of anti scratch coating - don't want to make things worse.

Secondly they're more like tiny 0.5mm diameter dents/chips in the surface and feel much deeper than scratches

so would need quite some polishing to get out.

Thirdly, as I mentioned I can pretend they're bits of dead bugs, and I look over the screen when riding, so not in my vision.

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