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BMW Nav IV connection on 2012 RT


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I've searched and read several posts here on other forums but can't quite figure out where the connections go for my BMW Nav IV on my 2012 RT. There were 2 connectors with strips holding them to the frame but they don't appear to accept the same connections the one's on Nav IV have. Does anyone have any pics or can you describe how to connect? I'm new to BMW and coming from Harley so you'll have to explain real slow. :) I do have almost 3K on the bike I bought new on April 13 and really enjoying it so far.

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Take a look at the pictures on my blog. If that doesn't help I may have some others.





That's a lot of stuff! I have heard there are 2 simple plugs on the 2012 that you just connect to once you become a contortionist and get the wiring down thru the back of the instrument panel. There are 2 on this one but they don't seem to fit.

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Yes there is a plug for the power and one for the audio. I guess I didn't really capture those in the blog, so here are some pictures. The connectors look very similar but are keyed differently. They are located in the area in front of the steering head and they should have caps on them.









I've also updated by blog to include these.


Hope this helps.




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yeah, I removed the windshield and instrument panel face, snaking that cord down behind there is tough, tried a stiff wire to guide it and gave up. I hate to get the dealer to do it but I'm sure it would be easier with the bike up on a lift, my back and neck are not talking to me very nicely right now.

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On my 2012 RT with the radio option there are actually three connectors. Two for the NAV IV and the other is for the aux speakers or in my case headphone jack!


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