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Stolen: Buell 1125cr - Chattanooga, TN


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Well, it was in the parking lot last night and is gone tonight. Fire engine red 1125cr wearing a r front fairing. Looks like my icon.


Awesome. :(

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That is a shame. Do you want to say from what city, so that may help folks be aware in the area?

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Chattanooga, TN. The responding officer said that there have been a number of motorcycle thefts here.


Sold the house preparing for a move out of state and am in an apartment for the moment. I'm guessing someone drove up, swiped it, and drove off. I'm hoping they can find it, but realistically it's probably either in a chop shop or halfway to Mexico by now.


Guess this it's time to go BMW shopping.

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I let my the local BMW shop in Chattanooga (Pandora's) know about, who knows maybe we will get lucky!



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One would think (if they do think) that if you steal a bike, you steal a Honda 600r or similar, but NOT a Buell. It's not like there's one on every corner and it will blend in.


Maybe someone needs Buell parts?

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My guess... they didn't recognize it for what it is... why steal a relatively rare bike.... no real parts market... easy to rack down... too bad... not like it would be easy to find a replacement..

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Bummer :P


Bet if it was a BMW, you could have left the key in it & no one would bother it.

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