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Removing Clutch Interlock Switch


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So I pretty much got the whole thing apart as much as I can get it without really tearing the bike apart. I pulled the housing on the handle bar back about two inches and the choke cable is loose enough to get out of the way. The end of the interlock switch that screws into the clutch housing seems to be at a slight angle and so far I haven't found a socket I can get on it to unscrew it. Hope I explained that right. anyone got any ideas of how to unscrew the thing? What I thought would be simple has turned into a major PITA.


thanks, Steve

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It's been a few years since I did mine, but what I recall doing was cutting the wire to the switch, and then either using a thin walled socket or long nosed pliers to get the thing out of the grip control. I do recall that I destroyed the switch in the process of removing it.


To replace, I screwed the switch in as much as I could by hand and tightened it up with the long nosed pliers. Then I followed the wire from the old one, unclipped the plug to the harness, and routed the new wire where the old one had been.


Somewhere on here, I bet there's a picture filled DIY thread, but I can't find it. Sorry.




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Galactic Greyhound

I had trouble getting the old faulty clutch switch off as well (mine must have been faulty for ages). I eventually got it out as follows:


1. Cut off the wiring hard up against the switch.

2. Use an 11mm (1/4 in. drive) socket with a hand driver to remove the old switch.

3. Fit the new switch with Copaslip on the threads and finger-tight only.


You can usually find the 1/4 in. drive sockets in with a 3/8 in. socket set.


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Yep, got it out with a 1/4" drive 11mm socket. Much easier putting the new one in than taking the old one out :)

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