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bikes dies fault code reading is


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Running along the motorway bikes dies.

Will re start ok but while running along at say 70 mph it just dies.

Fault code reader say "can bus system temporarly closed" fault now not current.


So I read this as the can bus has shut down momentaraly and cut the engine. But then will re start an ok for a mile then does it again.

Any suggestions?


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Morning 1200bmer


That "can bus system temporarily closed" not current code could be due to the engine stall or might be the cause of the stall no way to know without other factors being looked at.



What exactly are you working on? Such as model year & bike model type?


How does it act "just before" & "during" the dieing?


How about the re-start? Will it start right back up or do you have to wait for a few minuets before it will re-start.


What are you doing just prior to the stall? Like riding at a steady throttle, or riding at a steady speed, or slowing down from speed, or stopping etc? Basically have you closed the throttle just before the stall? How far do you need to ride before the problem shows up? Is the distance about the same every time?


What stays on when it stalls? Like lights, or dash lights, or speedometer, or radio, or ????.


You problem is consistent with a failing FPC (fuel pump controller) but so far every FPC failure I have been involved with has stored a fuel pump controller failure code.


You might have a side stand switch issue as that could easily cause a similar stall but you would think that wouldn't allow a restart without putting the trans in neutral. Are you re-starting by just pulling the clutch in or also putting the trans in neutral?


If ALL on the bike goes dead maybe a loose battery cable (just a thought).Maybe check the battery cables for being tight & secure.


Hopefully someone else has something to add here.


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What accessories have you plugged in?

Are you overloading your ancillary sockets ?

Shaved wire causing a temporary short?

Check you ignition system for shaved wiring.

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