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Cee Bailey Shield


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I had a Cee Bailey European cut on my 03 RT that I liked a lot. I think I want to put one of their shields on my 05. The shield I'm looking at is + 3 1/2 in height and +3 in width. It is 27.5" tall and 17" wide. Whip tells me when he put this shield on his new RT his fuel economy went from very good to worse than horrible..Anyone with this shield or similar checked their fuel economy? Thanks..

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I am five foot ten. I had the size you are looking at. It looks quite large (it is) and does cause a big drop in fuel milage. In my case 51 mpg to Lima & 44 mpg on the return trip. My riding companion has a 04RT. His milage to Lima was about 47 mpg each way. You do the math. I exchanged it no charge for a one and one over. My mpg now runs around 47 -50. Still less than with stock shield but the pocket is much cleaner. Leon 12RT

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I have the Cee Bailey +3 x +3. Much quieter than stock with just a bump of the switch and I can still see over it, I'm 6'2".


MPG, I was getting 47mpg now 42mpg, I don't know if all the blame goes to the shield. I'm at 5800 miles so a service is almost due. I put the new shield on at 4300 miles two days before a 2-up 1200 mile trip.

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