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Whats Santa got under the tree for you?


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I was real lucky, He brought my RT a new Autocom System. clap.gif How did he know? blush.gif Also, there just might be a pair of Held Gloves and the newly issued edelweiss bike travel brochure.

Lets here it from you all, what farkle is hanging from your tree? clap.gifclap.gif

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The only thing under the tree (and sometimes in the tree) is Tiger, our Tabby.

In time, I hope that will change, after all, I have been a good boy, haven't I?


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The RT looks kind of small and lonely in there, probably need some company,(32'Dx40'Wx14'H walls). Since pic taken, poured a 6" thick floor. grin.gif

Makes a great present!



see attached


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Um, guess I'd better get crackin' Been so busy at work and such, the tree's not even up blush.gif


But, we have our present, a new house with, best of all, a two-car (make that one car and two bike) garage thumbsup.gif


Cheers to one and all!

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Some nice man named Jerry is sending me a front RT shock so my bike won't fall over while I'm waiting to have my Works Performance shocks rebuilt.


Also, I believe "Santa" is getting me a Pressure Washer. Funny thing, though. "Santa" doesn't think that home appliances, like a refrigerator and a dish washer, should be Christmas gifts. Hmmmm. Double standard, me thinks.

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Well, since I'm unattached, the only one (aside from my kids who send me books) sending me something is Santa dog, Beatle. He knows just what I need. Already got me a new Schuberth C2 and will be ordering the Garmin 276 later this week. clap.gif

Now if I can just get him to get his own credit card... smile.gif

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I keep hinting that a 12GS would be welcome under (or near) the tree, but Santa keeps telling me not to hold my breath. (sigh.)

Of course, since Santa has been out of work for about a year, she's probably right...


I guess it's gonna be another pair of gloves, or something...


But since she's getting a vacuum cleaner (as noted in another thread) I suppose it all works out.

(It'll go well with her video iPod.)





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It's not finished yet but, this won't quite fit under the tree!


Man, that's just what I wanted bncry.gif Is that a 14' door I see?


Very nice thumbsup.gif I'm pricing that exact same setup right now. Please don't tell me that it has a heated floor cool.gif


I never get anything good for X-mas bncry.gif



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Well, it is a 14' door.....wide! It's 13 high. The smaller door is 8hx10w and behind that one I will drop the ceiling and wall it in. The Bikes and handylift sit there now. I went with a shingle roof and the siding has 30yr warranty on the paint.

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After my wife agreeing to me buying GS to keep my RT company this year, I don't expect anything more. But......it is Christmas and there could be a surprise for me. wink.gif

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