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Mounting Stebel Nautilus Horn on R1100RT ?


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Need soon info. from anyone who has installed or seen a Steble Nautilus Air Horn installed on a R1100RT. I would like to know how to make the mounting bracket. Pictures would be helpful. Thanks.

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The factory mount on the Stebel Air Horns is just about the weirdest darn mount I have ever seen. I'm not sure how you are suppose to use it to mount in much of anything, let alone a bike.


Really you just about have to get some metal and bend something up to mate between the bike location and the bolt on the air horn.


BTW, although you didn't ask, remember too that the air horn has to be relayed (and the relay that comes with it doesn't include a socket or wires, go figure that one out) so you have that work to do too. Don't try wiring it directly to the old horns' wiring.


But I will say at the end of the day after all the hassles it's just about the best sounding horn out there!

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Thanks for the advice Jim. I surpose I wire in the relay like the instructions show. Or is there an easier way to wire in the horn and relay on the RT?

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Hi Larry,i used a piece of flat metal that was originally supplied with a car radio it`s got loads of holes in it,it was supposed to support the rear of the radio.i bolted it to the Stebel and bent it over the top so the bolt would fit through(you might need to put a spacer in there)I didn`t bother with the relay myself as the 1100 has one allready and as it only gets the odd one second burst i couldn`t see it overloading anything.Good luck.


Regards Del

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Hey Larry, where did you find your air horn or is there a website I might locate the horn your speaking of? I understand that the horn your speaking of is much better than the Bocsh or the Fiamm Horns. dopeslap.gif

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I was able to mount the compact version of the horn just using a piece of aluminum, bent at a 90 deg angle, hung from the stock horn mounting bolt. Then angled a little to make sure that the fork tubes cleared it at full lock in both directions. I believe that the smaller version makes installation much easier than the standard size. I bought mine from CA Sport Touring: http://www.casporttouring.com/store/merc...;Category_Code=

I have no financial ties with them, but they have always provided excellent service and are typically a few bucks less than the competition.



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