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Insurance money...


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OK, so I have made part of my list. I would like to hear your opinions on several things I am thinking about:


1st Areostich suit, Is this really worth the money? How dose it hold up in the NW? Dose anyone really don’t like them? I know that spending $700+ will make many folks say “this is the best” But are there any other opinions? Are there other options that I should look at? I have a Harley FXRG suit and though I like the comfort once inside it is a pain in the *%%, plus no pockets …


2nd Additional lighting. There seems to be a huge gambit of options here. What do you find that fits your likes the most?


3rd GPS…. Oh Garmin, or BMW, or Magellan, or ???


4th Helmets, I am thinking Schubert Concept. Where would I even see on in the Seattle area??


I ride most every day, and don’t mind spending some of the Harley money on this stuff, but don’t want to throw good money away ….


Thanks for your help and insight.

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I'm can only comment on one...the GPS. I think both Garmin (and BMW made by Garmin) and Magellan make great units with features worth considering. Personally, I'll only consider Garmin/BMW, though, because I want to be able to trade routes with other riders. All of the people I know are running Garmin. All of the routes I see posted on websites are Garmin. Until/unless that changes, I'm locked in.


As for Garmin versus BMW: The original BMW Navigator and Street Pilot III were identical AFIK. I think there are some tweaks to the interface on the Navigator II, but otherwise it's pretty much the same as a 2610. Generally, you can get the Garmin model for a lot less money than the equivalent BMW model. Plus, there are some models (like the 376c which offers real-time weather radar and XM radio) that BMW doesn't offer.

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4th Helmets, I am thinking Schubert Concept. Where would I even see on in the Seattle area??


Don't bother - this helmet is very loud. Go for a full face - the Schuberth S1 is very nice and very quiet.


Oh - Garmin 2610 is a great GPS. If you don't have an Autocom, pick one up for the Garmin GPS, and get a satellite radio too!


Have fun!


Don't forget the Ohlins shocks!

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2. Is your goal to see or to be seen? If the latter in particular, think as much about the pattern of the lights. I.e. - how far apart you get can everything. If the former, of course as bright as your wallet can bear.


3. It's hard to go wrong with GARMIN, if for no other reason than there are 1000s of users out there to come up with an answer for most anything imaginable.

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My goal, to say alive... I have a high need to see... Being seen is good as well though. I am looking for bang for the buck of corse but not opposed to spending the insurance money.. If not on bike stuff it will just go to bills or coffee grin.gif I am concerned with durablity and not having to replace the bulbs every month..


I have pertty much decided on Garman, now just what model??


Any more comments on helmets?

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1. Opinions will vary but mine's a Darien and I absolutely would do it all over again! Best MC dollars I've yet spent except for the RT itself. I can't say enough positive things about it and can't think of a single negative. For me, it is nothing short of perfect!

2. I run with the PIAA 1100Xs mounted beneath the oil cooler. I like them but changing bulbs is a real PITA. My next set (probably on my next bike) will be Motolights. Bulbs are seriously cheaper, locally available and have to be easier to change out than the PIAAs.

3. I went with Garmin twice. BMW's is essentially the same but the additional logo sure seems pricy! Can't speak about the Magellan.

4. I have a Schuberth Concept. It fits my head really well (oval and egg'ish). I like some of the features. Comfort is exceptional for me. Probably won't get another one. It is the noisiest helmet I've ever worn. Also, if you use an intercom, headsets can be quite difficult to install.

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I swear by the Stich. I slid down the pavement 75 feet in one after hitting down rather solidly. I am sure the armor saved me from a broken elbow, maybe a hip, too, and the suit itself saved a whole bunch of skin. It is hot in summer, but I'd rather sweat than bleed.

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What model of garmin? I will order the 2730 when it's released on dec31st. It is the best for my needs. Integrated gps/xm reciever/mp3 player. It is approved for motorcyle applications and is waterproof. It will transmitt wirelessly to an fm source or you can listen to it with built in headphone jack. Its a little pricy but it seems worth it. Just my two cents

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Chuck -


I have the 2 piece Roadcrafter 'Stitch and love it. I find it usuable year round up here in the NW. Not too bad up to about 90 degrees (as long as you are moving) and with a Gerbing or similar electric, warm enough this time of year. I have had a Fieldshear one-piece that was a little warmer in winter, and more waterproof, but I found it a hassle to get in and out of. Have only got wet in the 'stitch twice, and both of those times it was raining so hard I should'nt have been riding anyway.


Ride West should have the Schuberts you are looking for.


As for aux. lighting, I love my Motolights!

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#2. I run the PIAA 1100s on Martin Fabrication Brackets. The Martins attach replacing a fender bolt on each side with a longer bolt and spacer. They provide good spacing and direction control. The PIAA lamps are expensive to replace but their are alternative "fixes" that work quite well.

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I love it when I'm asked to show my as**ole, er, opinion on stuff like this!


1) Lights...distance, FF50's on EMP brackets..big bang for the buck here. Shorter distance lighting/visibility to others..I have the PIAA 1100x under the nose. They fill in nicely and people have commented that they are "distracting". I wish they weren't too distracting, but by golly they can see me!


2) Stich, one piece or the Darien. If you go with the darien, there is a nice lady on the adv rider board who modifies the colars with micro suede or fleece. The only complaint I ever had about the Darien was that. I'm unclear frankly as to why the two piece Stich is popular, even though I did have one...why would you ever wear just one or the other? Would you ever feel you simply didn't need that much protection that day? Expensive, but proven, durable, custom and they have a resale like a HD.


3) Full face that feels good on. I'm fortunate that my wife works so I can buy any helmet I want blush.gif. I wear a $189 HJC AC11. Fits me better than Shoei or Arai and is comparably quiet as well. Really nice lid. Will replace with another this spring prolly.


4) GPS...I want a 2610 when I can find one cheap enough...I don't know how much that is yet. However, SPIII, which are very nice and just behind the latest and greatest, are under $400. That's pretty incredible for a great color screen and what it can do. Lot's of mounting options for it as well.


Money left over? Autocom system...I've got an Easi 7 which is now being replaced, but man, are those things cheap at 50% off right now!!! Will handle everything except CB. Add a Roady II for satillite tunes...about $50 or less and you're rocking in style.

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I like my 2-piece roadcrafter suit for the versatility of being able to only wear the coat if I don't want to wear the whole suit.



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Chuck -


The two-piece tends not to leak in the crotch as much as the one piece in heavy rains. Water occaisionally come through the zipper of the pants, and the two-piece provides a sort of flap over the zipper.


The other reason for me getting the two-piece is that the one-piece will not fit in a saddle bag or top case. By seperating them I can lock them away if need be.


Steve Malinson got his 'stitch stolen at a baseball game a few years back, his suit and helmet were cable locked to the bike. Theif cut the cable with bolt cutters. He was parked in the lot I park in for work everyday.

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Another vote for the 'stitch. Although I'm at the diagonally opposite corner of the US from you, it works great here in Fla. It's bulky, heavy, and hot, although the venting is excellent. Built like a you would expect an $800 garment to be. The only drawback for me is the stupid questions.


I bought the Garmin Quest. Perfect for my needs, maybe not for everyone. Long battery life, brilliant but small screen, holds enough maps to cover the majority of the southeast, and i can use it off the bike.


I can't help you with the lights.


My Shoei rf1000 has proven to be a good choice. Helmets are kind of a personal thing though. Find a shop that stocks a bunch.

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