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RT shocks


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Have an 04 RT with over 44k miles. What type of shock(s) are people using to replace the stock ones? Most bang for the buck?


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The most popular fit is Ohlins, followed by Works. Basically anything except OEM will be a huge improvement. Although at 44K miles the cheapest would be used low/no mileage OEM from someone who swapped them out straight out of the dealer. Basically the OEM shocks are shocking in performance grin.gif


Cya, Andy

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Will work for shocks HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA well i thought it was funny, i'm a savin my pennys, hopin santa thinks i've been good, or at least good anuff,, I've narrowed down to Works Performance...

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have the same model and have used the basic Works shocks on this and a previous model. very pleased, difference is very noticable. this time, i didn't wait for them to be worn out and changed at 12,000 miles, last time, about your milage. though not good to start out with, stockers are usually shot about 30,000 so you are due.

you should be able to get a pair for about $1,000.


tom collins

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Likely the best prices to be had if bought in a set.


Get ALL the farkles on the rear unit. Wilbers external compresswion damping adjustments ARE worth it.

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