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Alaska Vacation


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My wife and I are going to spend a week or so in Alaska in June. We will meet in Anchorage, and finish in Haines, to catch a ferry. I'll be riding up from Denver. What do you suggest for an itinerary? We do not camp, or ride off pavement. On the contrary, after 40 yrears of riding together, I find the poshest places I can to keep Mama happy. Denali is a must, as is bear watching.

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Take your pick.


We did a bunch of stuff.


Plane ride out of Talkeetna was great!


Boat ride/whale watching outa Homer was amazing. Landsend Resort was very nice. We rented a condo over looking the Bay that has great views of the water.


The dogs were a lot of fun.







Feel free to PM me with any questions.





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Be aware food and hotels are pricey. A hundred dollar room is very low end to trashy, and a hot dog can be nine bucks.


Yeah, but things are only really expensive in June...and if they know you're from out of town.


Oh wait. :dopeslap: KDeline is right - things will be pricey, but at least once you get to Anchroage gas will seem cheap compared to what you were paying in Canada. :S


Seriously though, it sort of depends on what you like to do. You've already covered some of the natural splendor with Denali and bears. If you're in Anchorage and have time, I would check out the Native Heritage Center. They have some neat stuff and it's less touristy - as much as museum can be.


Chena Hot Springs is beautiful and has some luxury, but I've never been there in the summer - not sure what it's like without snow and the aurora. The ferry, by the way, is going to be a great finish to the Alaska part of your trip (but don't expect too much luxury there - it's sort of like a municipal ferry down here in the lower 48, but with cabins; the bigger ships will have a decent-ish restaurant and a bar, but the smaller ones just have cafeterias) - be sure to catch the nature talks. Usually you can see some whales and sometimes bear and other wildlife from the deck.



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The best advice I got on what to see in Alaska was "follow the weather".

+1 on that advice. If you have something planned that is really weather dependent, a viewing of Mt McKinley for example, adapt your plans to the weather. It changes so rapidly and you might regret it later if you don't make the right call.

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