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Tier One Gasolines


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What's really up with this new classification of gasolines? I notice that very well known and respected brands such as Exxon, BP, Mobil, 76, and other good brands aren't on the list.


Sounds like politics to me.


Anyone in the know able to reveal the facts? I really can't believe that BP premium is less of a gasoline than Shell V Power or Exxon premium for example.

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Totally agree it is marketing

Every few years the oil companies try to convince us that we should pay more for a 'premium' gas for all vehicle types.


What is best for your vehicle depends on a whole variety of factors (engine config;inline 4/v-twin/opposed twin and injected or carbed are just 2).


I was taught that you should run the lowest octane that your engine will run without pinging and it still works for me.


Also, cleaning agents that are good for injectors and not nessecarily good for carbs.

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