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Best noise filter


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I'm planning on re-doing all my accessory wiring this winter into a little neater package. As part of this, I plan to install an additional fuse block and would like to go ahead and put in a noise filter on the primary power line. I have one of the $15 10 amp noise filters from Radio Shack but was wondering if there is a better one out there. I'd appreciate any comments and recommendations.

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you don't mention why you need a filter so we can only assume you have some existing RF issues with your current set up.


It's a good idea to install a fused block for the accesssories and you shouldn't need a filter if it's done right. The battery is the best filter you can have. Run your power and ground directly from the battery to feed your fused block device. It's ok to ground lights and other non RF related components to the fused block. For the RF stuff like an Autocom (or other) CB, GMRS, Ham communication device I would ground each of those directly to the battery. You can use the power supplied at the fused block but you can eliminate ground loops by running your RF equipment directly to the battery. I've had cases where a shielded power supply to an RF component needed to be installed, but seldom if you make sure you keep your wiring away from an electronic signal from the bike.


Try it first without a filter and see how it works. thumbsup.gif

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