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a little advice please. i bought a shelf from my bmw dealer for my 04 rt. i put my radar detector on it. i velcroed the shelf and the rd so i just remove the rd when i stop. if i buy a gps can i just velcro it so it will just stay on the shelf like my rd? thanks

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are you talking about an RCU shelf?

i don't see any reason why you couldn't, realizing that most gps units are

- heavier

- far different in shape

from you radar detector

could you be a little more specific please?




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as for the power issue...

be creative

or have a power outlet installed on the dash (or another one, if you need to)

and then just run the power cord to that

but there are other folks on here who SWEAR by that RCU shelf on THAT bike

the gps will work fine on that....

i have an RCU shelf on my GS...

but i have BOLTED my Garmin 376C to it

velcro is great

but, over an unexpected bump, considering the weight of the gps, it can go flying

put the gps in its cradle and bolt the cradle to the RCU shelf/that would be MY suggestion


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I have the RCU shelf on my RT and it will work as you described but I also have my GPS secured with a short tether cord...they tend to be top heavy and mine has come loose on several ocassions and the tether saved it from falling. I've also used a platic wire tie that also helps deter theft. I would also suggest you use the locking velcro that is available from Aerostich......it holds much better than conventional velcro available at most stores locally. As to the power issue, I have a dash socket that I use every now and then for power but for the most part I just use the AA batteries...they last about 25 hrs on my GPS V and I don't turn it on unless I really need it so they can last at least a weekend trip and I don't have to mess with the cord hanging around.

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I've got a similar shelf on my vStrom. I used 3M Dual Lock to mount a Streetpilot III on the shelf and after 5000 miles have had no problems. But who knows, tomorrow I may hit a bump and it might go flying off the bike. This thread has gotten me thiinking that maybe I should secure it a bit more.

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I have a RT and the RCU shelf. I mounted the Garmin 2610 "permanent" mount on the shelf at the front edge using the adhesive disk that comes with the unit. I have had no problems ( dopeslap.gif ) to date. I ran the wires through the front fairing, and to the radio plug. Need pictures? Let me know. Only "problem" is the variable tilt, while riding I had to duct tape it in place, that's just the unit from tilting not falling off or out. If parked for a long time, I remove it. If lunch or pictures, lower the windscreen down, which "locks" it in place.

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I am contemplating the same installation with my 2620. A cursory examination made me think that the top edge of the 2620 would be contacted by the windshield in the lowest position?, also, it seems the 2620 can only be mounted right smack in the middle of the RCU shelf, leaving little room for anything else?


Could you attach a pic, if you care to reply, please.


Thanks Jurgen

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To mount my Quest on an R1150RT I used about 3ft of 3/8" Al bar to make a "gantry" that uses the two redundant mirror holes by the clutch and brake levers. Used a RAM holder and some plastic to clamp the GPS to it. The Quest now sits about 15" in front of me and just above the clocks. No interference with the screen and no vibration. It's sleeved with heat shrink and the ends were drilled/tapped to accept 3/16" allen screws. A length of galvanised pipe and a sturdy vise for the bending part were the only tools needed. Costing about $10 it blends in well with the bike's lines as the uprights are angled inwards to give a horizontal bar mounting length of 5". For a heavier GPS 1/2" bar would be fine


Pics available if interested

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