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battery code & fuses


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Someone on the board posted some part numbers for an RT (battery terminal extenders) that allow you to just take off the seat and use bike jumper cables in case you ever have to jump your bike. They make the battery terminals accessible. 1)When I put these on next week, does anyone know if BMW has a code on their battery that will tell me when it was manufactured? If I could tell how old it was, I'd be able to make a judgement on whether to get a new one. 2)Does my '98 r1100rt just take regular 15 amp automotive blade fuses? Or, are these specialized BMW bike fuses? Thanks, Michael

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stole these from a previous post-


I remember the post. Right afterwards I bought the parts to add the Positive Battery Jump Start Parts from Chicago BMW, Tel: (800) 262-9150

URL: http://www.chicagobmwmotorcycle.com.


Here are the parts and cost from Chicago BMW:

Jump Start Connection Angle Piece: 61217671334: $7.20 less 20%: $5.76

Jump Start Connection Protect. Cap:61137672395: $3.40 less 20%: $2.72

Jump Start Connection Connector: 61137671354: $8.50 less 20%: $6.80

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By the way, any old ATC fuse will do. You can tell if a BMW fuse is blown just by looking at the top, you don't have to pull it (but some of us need to ohm-it-out anyway).



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Scrap those OEM fuses for ATC type 15 amp. My RT quit one day for no apparent reason.First thing my dealer recommended was to check my fuses, no bad ones they all LOOKED good. I even pulled my fuel pump since it didn't seem to be working but it was fine. After much tracing, checking and tracking of wiring i found a bad fuse by accident. It looked ok even tested ok. During my triple check i touched the probe of my continuity tester to the exposed wire of the fuse and i saw it move. It was broken but you couldn't see it. I pulled all those fuses and replaced them with regular ATC fuses, problems solved. clap.gif

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