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Lift table plans, anyone have any?


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Winter is here in Ontario and I'm thinking about building a bike lift table. I'm tired of bending over a bike when working on it and thought a lift table would be nice. I have a bike jack ($100 from Costco), but its not quite usable for the RT, but if I could attach a platform to it, then maybe it can be used as a lift table. Anyone try this, or have any ideas/plans?



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Can't offer any insights on building, but I bought a lift table from Harbor Freight and I've been real pleased.


When I bought it they had it on sale for $299, but it looks like its up a bit from that now.


I like the stability and being able to wheel the bike on the table to different positions in the garage if needed.


One of my RT-P's is up on it right now!




Hope that helps.. might be better than building one..

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you are correct about a year ago maybe a little longer someone posted drawings. I downloaded them but cannot find them


I remember the simple concept


two 3/4 4X8 sheets of plywood


cut one into two 2X8 sections

cut the other into two sections one 3X8 one 1X8


take the 1X8 section and cut into two 1X4 sections


now take the two 2X8 sections and rip a slot 6" up at the 2foot and 6 foot mark


now take the two 1X4 sections and cut a slot 6" up at the 1 foot and 3 foot mark


now take the 2X8 pieces and place them with the 1X4 pieces and you have your basic box.


Now take the other 2X8 section and put it on top and you have your platform.


for a bigger i.e. more expensive unit


get 3 3/4 4X8 sheets, and cut the height to 30"X 8foot and make the width 30" adjust everything accordingly.


according the the plans I remember reading the author built the original 2X8 size, and then built the 30"X8 foot platform, and noted the bigger size was worth the cost.


hope that helps



finally I remember someone posted they made the leg portion i.e. the 1x8 sections go at 45 degrees to the platform using the two 1x8 sections and it made the platform a lot more secure.


i wish i knew who to draw you a pic. once you saw the pic it made a lot of sense.

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