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05 R12RT Throttle Sync How To?????


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Those of us that have been doing our own have taken the position of ignoring the stepper motors. Parking them in some sort of factory position before beginning the sync is what the dealer uses the BMW diagnostic tool for. ISFA I know, no one has come up with an aftermarket way/procedure to do it so far. Although a couple of us are planning on seeing if we can figure it out over this winter.


But it doesn't seem to matter much. There no longer is an idle sync adjustment, and the above-idle sync is done just like before by adjusting the right side throttle cable.

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Thanks for the info.

BMW parks the IAC (idle air control) motors to set (minimum air rate) base idle.

The throttle body sync of the butterfly valves are not effected by the IAC. But the base idle has an effect on the the IAC counts. The T.P.S.(throttle position sensor) also plays a role. Between the TPS, IAC and base idle the ECM balances idle. If one or more are out of specs (range)

from the pre-programmed (P.R.O.M.) calibration you can have an idle hunt(s),stall(s),hang(s),surge and flare issue(s).

We need to find out if the IAC is a pulse width modulation (PWM) type of control so I can adapt a controller for a zero(parked)IAC counts. You can use a D.V.O.M. (multi-meter) to get TPS readings and set up the bike properly.

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