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Shorter centerstand after lowering bike


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Does anyone have suggestions for shorter centerstand, after lowering bike 1+ in. Just cutting and rewelding looks over simplified. Have to make the fit between sidestand and the piece you hook your foot on to lower it. This is a really hefty lift now. Thanks for any help, Sid

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I have'nt done this with an RT, but I did cut down the sidestand and centerstand on my Tiger after lowering the bike 1.5". I cut off the centerstand feet, cut 1" off the legs each side and welded the feet back on. It worked great. I think it is probably more complicated on an RT, everything else is! Good luck with it,



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Thanks Bob, that may be the most simple way to go. Then just a matter of somehow adjusting the foot push-down part to miss the side stand and come out where there is a space, which is pretty much only where it comes out originally. Sid

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