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BMW communication system vs. Autocom ProM1


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If you are talking about the Comm System on the K1200LT it is a well intergrated unit that works flawlessly. I know of no unit on the RT at this time, except for aftermarket. that would be Autocomm or J and M, who BTW manufacture the Comm system for the K12LT. Rumor has it that they (J and M) are working on a unit (fully intergrated) for the RT. The Auto Comm is an excellent unit. the BMW Com System is just more fully intergrated than the Autocomm as it is built into the bike. they pretty much perform thesame functions, intercom, CB or FRS and cell phone interface.

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Yes, I'm talking about K1200LT. Does BMW system works well on bike to bike, rider to passenger & alternate audio input such as satelite radio?




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I have a 2002 K1200LT with the Comm System. First hand, it is great. I can take and make cell phone calls while riding. The music mutes automaticly when the phone receives a call, its really cool. It came with the CB and I just added the Kenwood Freetalk FRS radio. I've used the Kenwood once and it is better bike to bike than the CB. Most of us in the North East group of LT riders are going to FRS. Also the comm system allows you to route the music from the radio or CD to either your headsets or the bikes speakers. Mine are usually routed to the headset and the audio quailty is fantastic. I read the earlier post that said some have had problems. There were problems with the BC-1 and BC-2 systems in the earlier LT's. The 2001 and 2002 model year bikes with the BC-3 (BMWNA now calls it the Comm System) are completely different. They are made by J&M exclusively for BMWNA for the LT.

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I didn't want to start a new thread for this but I am curious if anyone has used a simple pair of FRS radios for driver/passenger communication. I have seen some pretty reasonable Motorolas that look like they should work with headsets.


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You can purchase a headset from J and M for your helmet. They will sell appropriate cord to hookup a FRS or GMRS radio. Plug it in and clip radio to your belt or tankbag and your in business.


PS...You will have to use a PTT as it is a FCC requirement.

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