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K1300GT Clutch Engagement


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I'm the so far happy new owner of a lightly used '10 GT, having ridden RTs for many years. It was just time for a change. While I like the extremely smooth clutch engagement on the GT, it seems to engage as soon as I release the clutch lever by a millimeter. Is there any way to move the friction point out a little bit?



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Dennis Andress

My K1300 S' clutch got better after about 6000 miles. My wife has a set of Pazzo levers on hers. They do seem to help.

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As Dennis said regarding his 13S, my 13GT did improve after the 6000 mile mark. Just keep an eye on things and if they worsen look at doing a proper bleed to remove air from the system. Warning!!! This system does NOT use brake fluid. It uses mineral oil only.

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