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2006 R1200ST misfire on start then no power


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I have a 2006 BMW R1200ST yesterday after riding it to my friends home approx 40 klm then leaving it on the side stand for 9 hours I went to start it and it fired twice then appeared to cough or misfire and shut down all electrics. When I turned the egnition key off the LCD screen only, appeared for 5 seconds then nothing, when turning the key back on no display or lights appear. I have checked my kill switch and made sure that the bike is in nuteural but still nothing. I know that my bike doesn't have fuses but does it have a reset switch. Can you give me some indercation on what the problem would be .

Thank you



Optional Information:

Year: 2006

Make: BMW

Model: R1200ST

Engine: Boxer


Already Tried:

Disconnecting the battery for a period of time then reconnecting with no success


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MY buddy with my old R1200ST had this happen. Turned out to be a broken wire in the harness at the steering head. he reproduced it at the dealer and they tracked it down quick for a cheap fix.



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Evening Hame181


Difficult to say what you have there.


Sounds like a total loss of battery power.


SO, start by making sure BOTH battery cables are tight at the battery.


If the cables are tight then put a DC volt meter across the battery posts to see if your battery is above 12.3 volts. If it is then turn the key on & see what the battery voltage does (should still be above 12 volts).


If the battery is up then look for things like failed ignition switch or broken wires.


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Hi guys thanks for the advise, the problem was a dead battery when I put the multi meter on it read 10 volts and when I switched the key on it dropped to 4 volts so I put a new battery in and all is good so thanks again.

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