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ST owners headlight problems


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Thought I read about a fix for R1200 ST's having a headlight issue.

No luck with search.

So, how do you fix the isssue?


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For a friend.

Multiple bulb burnouts.

Melting, have to replace assembly, $$$$.

I thought a post in another thread had mentioned a rewire technique.

I thought that poster mentioned it as a "well known problem w/ST headlights" so post was directed there.

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Tim--I haven't heard of this being a problem with the ST, but maybe I've just missed those discussions. The one thing I can say is that bulb replacements are a pain in the neck.

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Can't be worse than on my GT.

Small hands and the retaining clip cooperating it is doable, barely.

Bigger hands and lack of co-operation (the norm) it can be hours or even snag your hands and you're stuck.

Or you can remove the nose fairing and a buncha stuff and maybe do it in less than an hour or so.


Any "ST" specific sites for the boxer?

Don't know of any.

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Parts guy here at the New Shop(by me)claims the "connector" on the back of the bulb gets brittle(heat/time)and it's common for it to be replaced/changed.

Popular item bought....

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Yeah, I haven't heard anything about them either. Actually, I'm still waiting for my stock bulbs to burn out... :/

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If your friend is having problems with things melting, is he using high power bulbs? Standard H4 lamps are 60/55W, but there are replacements up to 100W which can add considerable heat.

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I have been running high intensity PIAA H4s in my 2005. One burned out last week. Replaced with high (likely less) intensity Sylvania H4s from PepBoys..I tried the "just reach in an change it" technique.. NOT! Yes, many bolts removed, with the housing dangling forward, got the new one in... So far, no melting! I think problems might arise with application of a reflective film or cover... retaining heat. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Jerry Duke

Remove the instrument cluster, two bolts, and then just turn the handle bars to one side and you're there.

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Perhaps this is referencing the Pelican Parts discussion of the same kind of thing. I recall several people mentioning lense melting from ST headlights over the years on this board. The general consenus IIRC was that the lenses were marginal for heat of the bulbs and that it was necessary to keep them very clean and do not ride with the high-beams on all the time. I have heard that BMW is now offering the lense by itself as a replacement instead of having to replace the entire assembly, but I have not verified that personally.


I know that I kept my ST's lense meticulously clean and polished, did not use a headlight modulator and only used the highbeams when necessary and the stock lense is still pristine on my old bike (which is owned by a friend who does likewise).


Another option discussed was to rewire for an HID or LED style light so as to drop the voltage draw and thereby reduce heat buildup.




EDIT: I jsut did a broad internet search and motorcyclist cafe and ADVrider both have various posts talking about the R1200ST's penchant for both eating bulbs and melting lenses. One time it happened at the dealer while they were setting up the bike with the high beams on. In the time they did what adjustments they were trying to d othe lense melted and BMW had to replace the assembly under warrantee.



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Another option discussed was to rewire for an HID or LED style light so as to drop the amperage draw and thereby reduce heat buildup.



Fixed it.

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I said "voltage" and (should have) meant "amperage" but was probably thinking "wattage"


My head hurts now!



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