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help with some tank bag modifications please


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Hi, I was after some help from an owner of an R1200RT. The help involves a few minutes of your time with a tape measure and your bike. I'm after the exact distance between two of the petrol cap bolts, the ones opposite each other on the left and right sides. The distance required is from the centre of each bolt to the other centre.


The other dimensions I'm after are;

from these bolts to where the tank rails meet, i.e. along the tank to the bottom of the U shap as you look at the bike while sat on it.


The width of the gap between the rails, I know this will be just wider than the gas cap


I know these sound a little odd to explain, if anyone can help I can probably explain better by email.


I'm trying to help my brother with a special tank bag fitting as a surprise - I need the measurements to fit it ready to give him when I visit.


The idea is by using pins from the gas cap to lock into a bag...



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Afternoon K900


The distance across between bolt centers in line with the fore/aft center of the cap is 3.950” (give or take as the bolts can move a bit when tightened and they are torx so the centers are kind of ragged. I did a verification of outside to inside bolt heads and the 3.950 is about the same.


Between the rails @ bolt centers is 4.702 (a bit flexible in that area. Those rails are also quite tapered from front to rear.


From bolt centers to lowest part of the U is 5-7/8”—that U is not straight across as the lower edge is a bit oval starting that intersection to the outer rails. It is also over a curved surface of the tank so that is figured into the given measurement.


2009 RT




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Afternoon Again K900



Leave yourself some wiggle room as that part is pretty flimsy plastic so it probably varies a bit depending on what mold was used with what days plastic run.


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How did you get the photo in your post, especially with all that extra graphics?


Ve have our vays!


I did that in an auto cad program but with some work you could actually do it in MS paint.




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