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contacting Sante Fe, NM dealer?


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I've been searching online for a way to contact the dealer in Sante Fe, NM but keep getting directed to the car dealer. I am trying to set up an appointment to get some work done on my cruiser and hopefully get a test ride on the new 1600. Anyone out there have contact info that will get me to the motorcycle site and not the car site?




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Marty Hill

I just googled bmw motorcycles of santa fe. It came back with sandia bmw which is the mc dealer.

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I did pretty much the same thing but when I click on any of the links to "Sandia BMW" the websites all go to the car dealer with no obvious connection to motorcycles. Even their search feature says nothing found when searching for motorcycle information. I guess I'll try calling the car dealership with the hope of getting some live help.


thanks just the same.

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I bought my old XChallenge from Santa Fe BMW. Like it was mentioned they are a combined car & motorcycle BMW dealership. Separate business units but under one roof.


I dealt with who ever was the store manager at the time, a very very nice guy. Based on my experience I'd thoroughly recommend that place.




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Here's a link:


Sandia BMW




thanks for the link. I don't know why my search would not get me to that particular website. I've saved it in my favorites but had no luck calling them. I was put on hold and then disconnected before I got to talk to anyone. Guess I'll try again in a bit, maybe they are just busy.

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Hey all ya alls Sandia BMW is in Albuquerque, Santa Fe is in You guessed it, But they are owned by the same people, call the desk and ask for Motorcycle "whatever", you will be directed to what you want 505-474-0066 is Santa Fe's number great dealership I live 30 miles away this will work

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