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Rear brake sticks


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I was doing maintenance today and took a look at the brakes (02 R1150 RT). The rear pads are unevenly worn. The outer pad is almost new and the inner is at the wear limit. I took the caliper apart and the two pins are clean and greased. What else could cause sticking?

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The pads could be hanging up on the calipers or retaining pin, so clean and lightly grease the rubbing area with brake grease - be careful to avoid the pad surface of course.


Sticky pistons are another possibility - clean them up and lube with a thin smear of brake fluid. If you have difficulty pushing them back into the calliper then treat the calliper to new seals, or a seal and piston kit if the pistons are corroded.



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Hi ltljohn, In my experience with the 1150, this is not too uncommon. It can be helped by getting a repair kit for the calliper sliding element(part number 34212330312). The old rubbers swell after time (particularly dependant on what grease has been used in the area, also some corrosion inhibitors can affect them). Pop the new items into the calliper mounting flange and re-grease the bellows and bolts with the supplied grease.

Ensure that the calliper pistons are well clean and are free to slide fully into their housing.

Where the pads locate on the front ledge of the calliper, make sure the pad contact area is clear of corrosion. also the surface on the calliper where it mates. Apply carefully some copper based grease to the aforementioned contact surfaces.

Finally the pad retaining pin. Ensure it isn't badly corroded,clean it up, apply copper grease to the part where the pads will slide along. Refit everything and torque down to correct values.

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Morning John


Every I-ABS 1150 I owned wore one rear brake pad more than the other. In fact some OEM pad kits for that bike came as new with different thickness inner and outer brake pads for the rear.


Just make sure the caliper slides smoothly on it’s pins and the piston side pad isn’t hanging up in the caliper (now and again you find a tight one that needs to have the edges filed a bit). Also make sure there is a bit of grease on the adapter plate pins.


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