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Some decent priced muffler options


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I'd looked into these for my R1150R, even heard a sound bite with one on an old airhead (sorry, can't find it now) but it sounded really nice - powerful and mellow, no harsh rap. That was with the end cap on. With the end cap removed, it sounded like an old Cherry Bomb glasspack, lots of harshness and rapping.


Just realized one of these might make a comparatively cost effective muffler swap for the 1200RT's and make it sound much better.




I haven't actually measured the stock muffler, but the 3-1/2" dia by 17" or 24" body length might work and get the exhaust out behind the system case and far enuf away from the tire, and maybe even with the stock muffler mounting band. They've got a slash cut end that could be positioned so the longest part is toward the tire to keep exhaust from blowing on and heating the tire and blackening the rim. Otherwise, there's the 4-1/2" dia by 19" length unit that might fit the stock mount clamp, but it's a 2-1/2" inlet that would have to be adapted down to the pipe coming out of the cat which, in any event, would have to be cut off pretty close to the stock muffler so the SuperTrapp would slip over it after it straightens out.


BTW - when I looked at mine, I saw what I think is the "exhaust flap" - anybody know if that can be made to stay open without messing up the electronic engine controls, and what it might sound like under normal driving with the thing open, disconnected, or whatever, with the stock muffler?





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Did a little measuring -


The inlet pipe is a surprising 2-1/4" OD, as measured with a calipers, so something with a 2-1/4" ID inlet should be a nice fit and should secure leak-free to the pipe with a SS clamp or heavy duty SS band clamp. (the pipe would have to be cut just before the stock muffler, there's no slip connection there).


The stock muffler body is 20+" long, so the 17" body length Super Trapp which has about a 3" long transition from the inlet to the actual muffler body should work to get the exhaust out behind the luggage case and the rear tire & wheel. If it wouldn't be quite

long enough, they have a slash cut extension that fits onto the

muffler that should do the trick.




One more option, might work pretty well.




However, the stock muffler is right about 5-1/2" OD. I didn't think to look to see if the existing band clamp could be modified to work with a smaller 3-1/2" dia Super Trapp. With a little ingenuity and maybe drilling a new mount bolt hole I would think it could. I'll take another look.



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Does anybody know if the Ztechnik really adds power? Does any after market muffler? I've read yes and no so does anybody have proof?


Getting great sound AND more power might just force my hand... :)



2010 R1200RT

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I actually did contact NS, and they don't know either ... here's a snippet of the reply I got:

"I'm sorry but we do not have any of the Z4002 left in inventory so I can't go measure one for you. We also do not have any of the drawings for this."



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I emailed BeemerBoneyard being they were selling them, asking what the ID/OD of the inlet of that ZTechnik is.


Here's the response


"The ID of the Z-Technik is 54mm (about 2 3/16") and OD is about 55mm (close to 2 1/4"). If you want to try it we'll take it back if it does not work for you (provided it is not run on the bike or scratched and it is returned in the original packaging)."


I plugged the mm's into my conversion calculator and came up

with this: 54 mm = 2-1/8" just about exactly and

55 mm = just slightly under 2-3/16".


From my metalworking experience, if that would be expanded to slip over a 2-1/4" it would get pretty thin.


A short stainless adapter might be a better solution.


That is very interesting.

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Since the pipes overlap by approx 2" the adapter won't work unless you cut one of the pipes to compensate. That may not be an option.

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Took another look at the picture, I see what you mean.


I guess I was thinking it was a short, straight inlet.


I wonder if that wouldn't even get close to that flap?


If not, the inlet on the muffler could be cut so that

an adapter might fit.

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