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Has anyone removed the radio from an RT


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Morning Eckmann


I removed and sold the radio on my first 1150RT. I hated that radio as it was useless on the hi-way at speed and wasn’t even that great at low speeds.


I just made the old radio space into the same as a non-radio bike with a very useful storage box in it’s place.


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I have my autocom and FRS radio in the space where I removed the radio. There is still room for a few other items.

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I never listen to music when I'm riding, the sound of the engine is music to my ears. So yes the radio came out and the SatNav + bits n bobs went in.


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I have a pair of standard sized cigarette lighter sockets so I can charge my phone etc in there.


Also it is useful to stand a litre of oil in when you are on a long trip.

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I'd remove mine if I could figure out how to do it. I have the removal tools but it doesn't want to budge.


Linz :)

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......and put something useful in its place.


Yep in my storage pocket I keep:

First aid kit

500ml of oil

Disc Lock

Sun tan oil.

Latex gloves



Bunjee straps



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