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3rd time a charm!


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Well, I am going to try and make the trip from Ontario to the mountains and back - one more time - June 18 - July 15


The last two excursions there have resulted in ambulance rides and extended recuperation from broken legs, actually leg - the left always seems to be the casualty.


This time I am leaving with plenty of lead time so I won't be rushed, the main cause of my first mishap.


I will intersperse camping and motels or stays at fellow riders and friends to break up the inevitable fatigue that sets in with constant camping, and reduce my baggage by a significant amount, a contributing cause on the second.


My route out will be through the upper states and as much as I despise interstate I may have to go ahead and flog a couple states via slab. Then again . . .


I am going to plan six days out.

On the back leg I may head south and get some N. Cal, NV, Utah in before riding the mid west and home.


So wish me luck, add advise, offer a bed, or recommend a camping spot.


I REALLY want to complete this ride whole. :)


The mountains beckon, I must respond.





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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Swing down through N Cal past Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen and Lake Tahoe. Will make a nice addition to your photo collection.

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Ah yes, that is a must do. missed on my second trip when I was halted at Reno for a little surgery. :)

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