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Non-electric windshield slips to lowest position


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Is there some adjustment to keep the windshield from slipping down to its lowest position while riding as a result of the vibration.

Just purchased a BMW R1200ST with a manually adjusted windshield that is supposed to be positioned in one of three heights. I set it to the highest height and by the time I get back from a ride it is in its lowest position.

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Welcome to the forum. The windshield behavior on your ST is a common problem. The windshield is held in position by a flat spring which weakens with age. The chronic bumpy roads in some parts of the country don't help. Some folks have taken the mechanism apart and attempted to tighten things up, some have purchased aftermarket tall windshields, and some simply live with it.

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Hall Vince

I have to admit when I had mine the standard screen was OK, but the taller screen I fitted used to drop down, mind you the taller screen mostly stayed at the low position. I would recomend one of the ZTechnik V Stream screens, I had one on my ST.

I also have one on my RT now, very good screens.



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