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Communications advice needed


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This what I have - 2008 R1200RT, ZUMO 550, Arizona Al’s in ear speakers, Bell full face helmet. Dearly love all four.


I have a trip to Nova Scotia lined up in a couple months with a buddy who has a CB radio for communications.


I need to add my iPhone and CB to my current, listen-only, set-up. Blue tooth and FRS are options I’d like but they aren’t absolutely required. I ride with a tank bag on all trips and could use that for radio gear if necessary. I need to incorporate the ZUMO, Al’s speakers, and my current helmet in the final solution. I assume the CB option will force an antenna too.


Any and all input from the group appreciated. Thanks.


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Subject: Re: Communications advice needed


Recommend you contact Adam at Rocketmoto.com


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Skipper, you are going to need an Autocom mixer box that can take the outputs from the CB, Iphone, GPS, and anything else you may have, and channel them all into your AZ Al's. Talking about a full-blowm Autocom system here, probably $700 or so PLUS radio(s) (either CB or FRS). Your local BMW dealer is an Autocom dist. and seems to have some knowledge of the products. I suggest you contact them asap!




PS: You mentioned FRS; actually you want GMRS which is better but encompasses FRS. As for CB, it can be a real pain getting it to work properly on a bike. If it were me, I would tell riding buddy to get an FRS system too so the 2 of you can comm. I SURELY wouldn't spend my hard-earned on any kind of CB radio. As far as I'm concerned, CB is a vast wasteland of RF energy. YMMV.

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Adam is very, very knowledgable on motorcycle communication systems, and a nice guy, too. (No affiliation) I call him (877.533.4245) first with any of my questions.

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+1 ... I am very happy with my Autocom setup, which is very similar to yous and all my buddies (some of the are HAM freak) have it too. Just close you eyes and write the check

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Or find a used Autocom in the Classifieds or other used sales outlets. Lots of them for sale if you're not in a hurry. Save 50% or more in many cases.

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yup, I'd like to incorporate 2-way radio comm as well, including the ancient inefficient cb that many winger's and hdflh riders have on board, is in just about every truck on the road, and local's use in most towns across America. I understand SENA is working on a solution. +3 Adam at Rocketmoto.

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