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Cruise control troubleshooting - Video tutorial


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After having found many tips about the cruise control system of the K1200RS / K1200LT, I taught that it would be useful to make a video tutorial to help other owners.


I am fully aware that only 60% of the video is applicable to Hexheads like the R1200RT, but since the "Built-in Diagnostic Procedure" is the same, I am sure this could help someone out there with a R1200RT.


If you are handy with a video-cam and want to furnish footage from the micro-switches of the R1200RT, I could make a new version specific video.


See this link on YouTube:


Comments and suggestions are welcome. Let me know what you think of this tutorial format.


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Nice Video!


I have a more refined issue with the cruise on my 2008 RT.


It works fine--but feels as if it hunts back and forth, very slightly, when it is engaged.


The back-and-forth is very subtle--and almost feels like turbulence from a truck or car in front of the bike.


This occurs constantly, in clear air, on a still day, and on a flat surface.


The variations don't seem to be apparent on the speedo or tach, but can be seen on the MPH indicator on my GPS.


Any hints--or am I expecting too much from the technology?

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I have the same issue - cruise feels jerky. You can feel the bike lurching you back and forth. It's not unusable but it is irritating..

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Hall Vince

Mine does the same. I think it's a bit worse than it was when I first got it (35,000 miles ago. Bike has 40k on it now) but not really sure, riding up hill it doesn't do it from what I recall so I assumed it was just the adjustments and transmission slack.


That's a good diagnostic video btw. Although for some reason it opened up in 720p on my browser and was taking to long to load so I bumped it down to 340 or 360 ad was still ok to watch.



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The cruise on my 2007 RT works perfectly. I suspect you fellows have a problem. Maybe throttle cable slack is incorrect. (Just a guess)

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Nice n Easy Rider
The cruise on my 2007 RT works perfectly. I suspect you fellows have a problem. Maybe throttle cable slack is incorrect. (Just a guess)

+1 on my 07 as well, although I only use it sporadically. But it always seem pretty smooth when it engaged/re-engaged.

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The cruise on my '06 RT only surges at low speeds, say below 35.

Above that, it's as smooth as glass, always has been, and I use the heck out of it.

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great video!


I wonder if it is possible to get a copy of the slides that are used in the video? I would love to print the pages out and keep them for future troubleshooting.

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Thank you all for the kind words about the troubleshooting Video. I am currently working on another one about all issues related to the "EVO Integral ABS" (2001-2006).


Although I was convinced that Video was the best medium to convey all the information I had in mind, I am well aware that it is not the best way to keep this info available near your toolbox or your shop manual.


To compensate for this, I have created a text summary with photos (in PDF format) - it does not contains all the Slides, but you get the most important points.


Unfortunately, I have tried to embed a ZIP containing my PDF with this message - the "file manager" posting options says it is too big - it is just 300 Kbytes.


As stated in the description below the Video (in YouTube), you can download the PDF summary inside this thread on I-BMW forums:



What would be the best method to include the same PDF file on this site ?


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Some have reported that their cruise will "hunt" while trying to maintain speed on their R1200RT.


I do not have a R1200RT to test this or include anything about it in my Video. Obviously I am very familiar with the K1200RS/LT throttle-bodies and cable arrangements.


Based on on a few other post in this forums, and my understanding of the cruise-control technology that BMW have used on all their bikes, my best guess would be that the cruise-control cable (from the cruise-unit to the cables junction box) may not have the required free-play. I have seen pictures of the arrangement on the R1200RT - the cruise-unit and the cable adjustment is very similar to what we have on the K1200 series. The adjuster is located under a tight rubber boot around the cable, near the cruise-unit.


Maybe someone with a R1200RT shop manual can look-up the required free-play. For the K1200 series it is 2 to 3 mm.


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Great video! A picture speaks a thousand words but your video puts it into the brain. :)

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I would like to eventually update the video to cover the "cruise-control" details specific to the R1200RT.


As I do not currently own one, I have a special request to all owners of R1200RT. Could you run the diagnostic and watch carefully what is going on during step #7 (rear brake pedal).


If it behaves like the K1200, after the 5 seconds delay, WHEN YOU RELEASE the brake pedal, you should hear a "clack" type noise coming from under the fairings and the throttle grip should turn slightly. Although BMW has never documented this, my understanding is this was to help the mechanic confirm that:


1) The cruise-control unit is responding (mechanical movement of pulling its own cable),

2) The cable from the cruise-unit to the Throttle-body (or the junction-box for the R1200) is not broken.


Knowing this is useful to the mechanic before he starts to remove all the fairings, or go for a ride with the problem bike. I am aware of at least one case (a K1200LT) where everything appeared to be working during the diagnostic procedure, except the cable from the cruise to the throttle was not connected properly. This became apparent only during a ride as the yellow SET light goes ON, but the cruise never did any work :-(


Please specify you model and year with the behavior you had during step #7.


Thank you all !


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  • 6 years later...

I just thought I'd give this topic a bump - I found it in a search for cruise control issues. The video linked in the first post has a built in Cruise Control diagnostic process that identified my trouble spot - the clutch micro switch. Cleaned and tightened the switch and the cruise is back to functioning properly. :dance:


Good thing this worked, my win 10 laptop doesn't seem to like the USB GS911. :dopeslap:

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