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I’m looking for an electronic photo album. (for lack of a better discription) I have an external hard drive to backup but, would like something similar that is more photo friendly. Something I can create albums in, plug in to the computer and view.


Anything out there?







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I use Picasa. It's free and you can create albums, tag photos, etc. very easily. Just Google it. As a matter of fact, Google owns it.

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Pat, if I understand correctly, you're looking for a physical device . . . and not just offsite storage? I can pretty much do what you're talking about on my iPad. I'm just learning my way around, but currently I create the albums/slide shows on my laptop (a MacBook), then can selectively upload them to the iPad. It's also possible to upload documents directly from a camera or SD card. The iPad really makes an excellent photo viewer, but at the prices they command it may be more than what you want or need.

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If you instead opt to store photos on line somewhere I like Smugmug. I've had a handful of experiences with their customer service folks and they do a very good job. Compared to buying hardware it's really a bargain at $50 per year. They have different subscriptions, each affording different storage capacity.

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