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2008 12rt /w lojack


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I flying to Ft Lauderdale (Plantation Fl) in the morning to pick up this bike from a BMW dealer and was told it has Lojack installed.


I asked them to remove it but they told me it was probably under some plastic because they couldn't see it from just removing the seat. Of course they would charge me for whatever labor is involved in taking off plastic and hunting around for it. I thought I could probably look for it myself when I got it home.


I know it's hardwired in and the BMW dealer spoke with Lojack and they would only tell them the size of the unit (about the size of a pack of cigarettes)


Anyone familiar with the Lojack system?



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I had one on my 2004 RT. Just curious - why remove it? It helped reduce my insurance rate and was otherwise unobtrusive.



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It's my understanding that as the second owner I would have to purchase a second owner package.


Also there are no Lojack dealers within a hundred or more miles


And as far as I know the police in Ky are not set up to monitor Lojack systems


It will just be on my bike draining the battery and I have no way of dealing with it if it malfunctions in any way.


Then it's just something that bothers me about having a third party item on my bike that I'm not allowed to know about. I'm weird like that



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I've had it before - they won't tell you where they hide the unit. I'd expect it's in the nacelle though. The tail is too obvious but the nose is a bitch to take apart so it's more likely they stuck it there so the bad guys wouldn't find it easily to disable it.

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I came across one on my bike.


It's about the size of a pack of cigarettes, but maybe about 1/3 as thick. Has a battery attached by a wire so it works even if the bike battery is disconnected, about the size of an AA battery.


I had it transferred to my name by Tibbys HD in Springfield MA. Was suppose to cost $80 and take an hour. Cost $200 and took 6 hours... :mad: Aparently BMWs are low priority at Tibbys, will never go there again







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Went hunting fot the lojack today found it connected to the main harness from the battery on the clutch side .

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