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What's a good medium sized tank bag, 2011 R1200RT?


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I had asked awhile ago when I first got the bike, now decided I need one for sure.


Did a forum Search, but got results for everything BUT tank bags.


Don't want one too awfully tall, 6" to 8" non-expanded might be a good dimension?


Don't really like the magnetic ones with the big ear flops hanging halfway down the side of the tank, some is OK but some of them

cover an awfully lot of the tank. Don't want to fiddle with straps, either. Have them on the saddlebags on my R1150R and

they're a PITA.


Appreciate any suggestions. I bookmarked a couple from last time I asked, but not really enthused about any I've seen yet.

And I'm NOT looking to spend over $300! IMHO that's nothing short of ridiculous.


Thanks for any leads / ideas!

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Guest Kakugo

The Touratech (Kahedo) New Flat Style may be what you are after.




It was my first pick but when I decided to buy last year they were out of stock and the new ones would take at least a month to arrive.

So I opted for this:




It arrived the next day.

In the end it turned out to be an excellent buy and it looks better than the Touratech. I can post more pictures if you are interested.

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In terms of sheer convenience, there's nothing that beats the BMW bag, especially when getting gas. I realize, though, that it may be too big, or too expensive for your taste.

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Lots of used BMW bags can be found on Ebay and in the classified for less then the $350.00 they get for a new one.

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I like my BMW tank bag. I was fortunate to get it at 40% off when Go Arizona BMW in Phoenix was moving to their new building a couple of years ago.

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I purchase a old tank bag/rack from my dealer at the Annual Swap Meet. Removed the bag and purchased a Tourteck rear bag. Silicon,Screws and several pinch clips for silicon to dry. I have the perfect Small Tank Bag with easy removal. If you would like pictures email me. I have more old Bag/Racks if anyone would like one.... condocpl@comcast.net


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Hey, lots of good options, just what I was looking for.


Thanks much!!


Now - decisions, decisions.


Not to throw a wrench in your decisions but have you thought about a tail bag instead?


Not as ugly as having that awkward bag on your tank.


Fits right on the rack of your bike. Comes off in two seconds when you want to put your top box on. Don't have to take it off to gas up and a fraction of the price of a tank bag.



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Well, couple of reasons I'm focusing on a tank bag.


First, I don't need or would use it very often, just when I need to haul something, or need a map pouch for my jaunts on weekends.


Second, I now strap my briefcase (computer & accessories carrier) on that rack when I go to work. It won't fit in the side cases, so it would take a pretty big bag. Also, I find it difficult to get my leg raised that high to swing over just the briefcase.


One last thing is that I try to avoid weight placed to the rear of the bike, esp when it's high. I like to keep it low and/or central. The cases are low, a tank bag is central. That's why I have never even considered a big box on the top of the rack.

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