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Top loading removable system case inserts


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Ah HA!


I hope you guys didn't count me out cuz you didn't see any more postings to my initial post about these system cases being over rated from a user friendly perspective.


Here's a teaser, just the "first cut" - but it's REAL close to fully functional. Just one little thing to tweak, and I think I know how I'm going to do it.


Let's just say they are flexible enough to conform to the shape of the lid when it's closed but yet is strong enuf to contain sacks of groceries, they're easily and quickly removable, they're reversible so they'll fit in the fixed part of the case so are out of the way if you have something to put in the case where they'd be in the way, and the total cost will be under $15.


Give me a few days (probly till next weekend) and I'll write it up if my final tweak works. Going on a sight seeing trip into Death Valley this Sat (tomorrow) and Sunday is getting ready for work day, you know all the domestic stuff like cooking meals ahead, washing, all that fun stuff. (I'm alone in an apt 1700 miles from home on a big construction project so have to take of my own self)



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