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switching from an RRT to an F800 ST


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After 45 years of riding, about to enter my 7th decade and very short of stature, I have sold my RT. I test rode an F800 ST, and really liked the performance, agility and lightness. Since BMW seems uninterested in a F800RT, I am wondering if it is possible to do enough mods to the ST to make it acceptable for 500 mile days? Lots of stuff available: windshields, barbacks, foot peg lowering kits, Givi luggage, custom seats etc. Since factory lowered suspension is available, that's one hassle out of the way. Would appreciate your opinions. Is this the bike to take me through my declining years and into my dotage, or should I look elsewhere?

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I bought an '08 as my first motorcycle and put 32K miles on it in two years. Riding it made me grin like I was stoned but in those two years, I'd had six warranty repairs and three calls to roadside assistance. I never did a 500 mile day but did a few 450s and could have kept going had I not arrived where I was headed.

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Tippy-- you and I share the same shortness and age. You will be very happy with the F800. I have put 18K on mine with a few long trips and it worked very well. The factory lowered suspension is the best. Being able to flat foot is awesome. No drops and no worries that it might happen. You will enjoy the weight of the bike. Very easy to control. The stock seat will need replacing or modifying. If you need any sources or help of any type let me know. Good luck with your search. There is one for sale on the F800riders.com. A 2009 with low mileage and all the bells and whistles in Wisconsin. Check it out. later

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I love mine and have had zero problems.

But long ago I gave up 500 plus mile days. 300 to 350 is about right for me on any bike, as I ride for pleasure at this age, not to prove my endurance.


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Thanks for the replies. I read about the repair issue - is this still the case for the newer ones?


Bob, glad to hear of another fossil riding one of these. I did have a Rick Mayer seat on my RT, and really liked it. Which seats do you have experience with?


I'm starting to get comfortable with the idea of the ST. I imagine that if I do buy one, within months BMW will announce an F800 RT. I would feel a lot better about buying the ST if BMW would just say, nope, no RT coming - fat chance of that happening though.

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Tippy-- what I did with the seat problem was I bought a standard seat off the internet. It came with the low seat and that was a beast! Then I sent the standard to Spencer in south Florida and he worked his magic. Best $75 spent. Now 500 plus days are no problem.


I think you will be VERY happy with this model. There is a new touring windshield that just came out that provides RT like protection but without the top heavy feeling. Check it out.

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