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Metzeler Tire Wear


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I am getting ready to leave on a 2k+/- trip. The present rear tire was installed on 5/13/06 at 12,091 miles.

At the present time I am at 26,043; thats 13,952 miles! At the end of the trip this will be at roughly 16k miles!

At the present time the tire has about 3/16 inch depth at the point indicated by the attached photo; this depth is not much different than the spare that I have ready to be installed.

What would you do?


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Afternoon hellmutt


You don’t have much left on that tire, that’s exactly how my Metzlers look just before the cords start showing in the center. You have a lot of miles on that rear tire as I never get anywhere near that kind of rear wear out of my Metzlers.


You just never know if that tire will or won’t make another 2K as you seem to be easy on rear tires.


Maybe try letting all the air out (warm tire) then pushing on the center of the tire with your finger to see how thin it feels to you.



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With that many miles, it's gotta be pretty well shot.


There are 3 outcomes: 1) You put on new tires and go enjoy your trip. 2) You skip it and worry about it the whole way. 3) You skip it, flat out and hope you don't crash. A couple of things that suck are having to find and buy tires while on the road, and then tow your bike to the next town to get them. You're supposed to be on vacation.


btw - In my experience it's not unreasonable for the trip to be 50% longer than the plan was.

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Afternoon hellmutt


Here is my rather poor attempt to overlay your current rear Z-6 over a worn to the cords Z-6. Not the best of comparisons as the worn z-6 shown has no air in it (has concave center) & was ridden well over 500 miles home once the cords sated to show.





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Thanks Boys,

I will be taking the new tire that I bought last spring and the current wheel and tire to the dealer to get the replacement done before I leave on the 20th.

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