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where to buy fork seals???


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I am a good internet shopper and I am stumped while trying to buy aftermarket seals for the 96 RT. I have spent too much time already searching. What am I missing? Ebay has some available for an Rs in Australia!



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How about saving time and money and go to your BMW dealer?

BMW P/N = 31422311988 called, SHAFT SEAL @ $14.63 ea.

Hardly extortionate when you don't need to pay shipping when you pick them up at you LOCAL dealer.


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Morning ahirsch


On a bike as old as your 96 you might look into more than seals. The upper dust excluders (that is the wiper seal you see when looking at the fork) on those old bikes gets worn and lets water and dirt get down into the actual seal area so that takes the seals out. On some bikes that old I have also found the large washer under the seal is rust covered and corroded due to water getting in through the seal and sitting on the washer.


At least look at your dust excluders to see if they look worn or cracked and if the rubber has turned hard and brittle.


Unfortunately those dust excluders cost almost as much as the seals themselves.



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Motorworks have them in the UK.



Are you planning to pull out the whole steering assembly to work on the stanchions or are you going to pull each one out from the top?


I had a bent stanchion a couple of years back and replaced it and the seals from the top yoke area.


I found I was able to get to each in turn by simply removing the handlebars and undoing the stanchions from the top yoke. I then pushed a stanchion down, pushed the yoke around and was able to pull out the stanchion having released the bleed valve. This was some time ago so my memory is a little hazy about when and how I opened the bleed valve. Having pulled out the stanchion I flushed out the oil and crap and sucked out the oil with a big syringe and a length of silicone pipe. I bought one of those wierd looking seal levers to get the seal out. It is tight but I was able to do the whole job without removing the tupperware.


This just seemed to me like a much less onerous method of doing the job.






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Ordered fork seals from Bob's BMW for $15.02 ea and got them in just a couple of days. I should not have let it leak so long considering how easy it was to change them out.

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Thanks for the ideas. I just bought them at Bike Bandit and paid almost $40 with shipping. I was hoping to spend 1/3 of that as I do on my other bikes. the difference is my other bikes are not BMW.

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