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R1150RT noise at idle. Clutch/transmission?


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'02 RT, 34000 miles. Has always had a noise when warm at idle, but this spring I've noticed a rattling noise at cold idle as well. Clutch in and the noise disappears.

I'm thinking it maybe time for clutch spline inspection.

Has anyone noticed a rattling noise before spline failure??

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This is more likely to be the gearbox. There is a LOT of freeplay designed into the gearbox and thisd makes them rattle in neutral at idle. The rattling is worse if there is a slight imblance in the engine tune, causing the engine to slightly speed up and low down every rotation, making the gears rattle. When you pull in the clutch the gearbox stops and so does the rattle.


A very anal tune up will greatly reduce the noise. My personal favourite cure is earplugs.





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Morning Brisco


As mentioned above pretty normal on a hot engine and can be normal on a cold engine if the engine firing pulses are harsh or uneven.


(but)- On a 2002 1150RT with 34,000 miles a spline inspection is ALWAYS a good idea. You have traveled enough miles now to get a good idea on IF your ‘02 1150 is spline eater or not.


If your particular bike is a spline eater you should be pretty close to failure at 34,000 if it isn’t then that would be good to know also.


You can try removing the starter and looking/probing around at the clutch disk to trans input shaft area. That might show you something if it is real bad but pretty difficult to tell much without pulling it apart.



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