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WOW. Race one was plenty exciting, especially with Haslam taking a strong third, but race two was AMAZING! The crash at the first was Checa running into Rea,who then hit Haslam, with Haslam and Rea going down and out, Haslam with a broken toe. Biaggi ran off and hid from everyone, then blew a corner, came back on track and got a ride-through penalty, costing him a certain win (here's why: "Biaggi was not penalised for gaining time, but for crossing a white lane that ensures riders return to the circuit safely."). That left Melandri happily in the lead, but Laverty caught him and eventually, on the last lap, beat him fair and square, giving Eugene the double. The racing behind those two, between Fabrizio and Haga was even more exciting...it could only have been better if they'd had swords to fight with...with Michel taking Haga at the end. Checa stays in front of the standings with a 9th and 10th.


Aprilia is "bitter" at the judges' decision.

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