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Front brake bleed screw thread size


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Ran across the Earl's Plumbing Solo Bleeds, they looked like perhaps an improvement over Speed Bleeders in that they're designed to avoid possible air suck back into the system during bleeding.




Then couldn't find the size of the bleed screws. Parts fiche only says 8mm.


So looked on SpeedBleeder site, they don't list for the 10's & 11's and their reply to my email asking about the new bikes indicated they don't know for sure.


So looked at the part #'s on the B&M parts fiche and they're the same for the 05-09 and 10-11 bikes. Speedbleeder listing for the 05-09's is m8 x 1.25 thread x 32.5mm long.


Looked at the Solo Bleed site and the only m8 x 1.25 they make is only 23mm long, so probly wouldn't work.


Ordered one of Beemer Boneyard's service CD's when I ordered Grip Puppies, and that supposedly contains brake bleeding info for the new ones.


I've ordered Ilium bar backs which come with a longer hose from the front MC, so will need that info.


Now that's I've got the boosted ABS system bleeding all figured out on my 04 R1150R, it looks like I get to learn another different system. Actually, it wouldn't break my heart if it was a little simpler.




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