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Putting gas in the RT


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This is my first RT...BMW for that matter. On my '07, I was surprised by how tight the filler neck is to the gas tank (much tighter than those on my Japanese bikes). Can you safely leave the pump in the filler hole and expect it to click off when full?

- Skitch

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Hi. That's what I do. So far so good (touch wood).


(After it clicks off, I hold the rubber neck back and fill it about another 1/4 gallon to the bottom of the filler neck.)



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Afternoon Skitch



On a 1200RT I wouldn’t do anything with a gas hose nozzle but put it straight in and not very far at that. The 1200RT’s already have a problem in the fuel gauge strip area. No sense in aggravating it even more with the gas hose nozzle.


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There is a black rubber grommet/bushing in the bottom of the filler neck that if removed, stops all the splash-back when nearly full plus you get almost an extra half gallon to go in the tank. I fill my bike on the center stand and run the gas level up to the metal flange in the filler. This gives me the max fuel when leaving for a long ride.

Around town, I never fill more that half to keep the top weight down.



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If your 2011 is like my 2010 I don't think you can remove the piece that was mentioned. My 2005 RT used a completely different design for the filler. I haven't looked closely but I don't think you can do anything with the new design (although I might be wrong).


Removed? How so please?
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I have a 2005 and a 2009 RT. The design of the filler neck of the two bikes is very different. The O5 is metal, with a small opening about 3" below the surface. There's a rubber ring around that opening where the nozzle goes. The 09 is all plastic (or fiberglass or whatever material), red in color, and is the same diameter from the top to the bottom.


Because of the design, I could "fill" the 05 fuel tank "higher" (put more gas in it) than I can the 09. Actually, if I were to take the time, I might be able to fill the 09 just as high, but it's much slower to burp the air out of the tank. So, I don't bother to continually burp it and instead remove the nozzle after a couple of autoshutoffs.

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The filler neck on the 07 is definitely "streamlined"...very car-like in design. Once you get the fuel nozzel in there, it is tough to see how much gas you've put in, so I have to beleive it was meant to hold the nozzel safely during fueling. My Japanese bikes have all had wide openings on the tank, and it was always easy to guage how much gas you got in there by just holding the nozzel at a 45 degree angle. I'll give it a try next time I fill 'er up.

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I swear this is totally weird, but I've been using it on my 05 R1200RT for some time now and it really works. No more mess. Not affiliated in any way with this firm, but hey, it works great for me.




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