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Mounting Sena Speakers


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I am looking for some advice regarding the speakers for a Sena bluetooth set. I am having trouble mounting them in my Arai RXQ helmet as the "velcro" supplied doesn't seem to want to stick to the liner. I've tried some two-sided tape I had used for mounting picture frames but that doesn't seem to work that well either. I have a little square of some stronger velcro and that doesn't stick either. This wasn't an issue at all with the Scala Q2 I have in my old Arai Quantum/f - once I placed them they have stayed put for three years with no issues. I would hate to be stumped by something seemingly so simple. I'm thinking at this point I might have to somehow sew them in! Any ideas on a solution?



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I too had a small problem, but here is what I did. I used both sides of velcro. The hook side I glued to the inside of the helmet where the speaker would go, then the loop side I just used the tape supplied to the speaker side, this way I could remove the speaker and leave the hook side when replacing the helmet.

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I'd suggest this - remove the cheek pad. Peel back the cloth liner. There's a space on the hard foam to place the Velcro pad and the speaker. Be sure it's perfectly lined up with your ear canal.


Do just one speaker to start with, let the other speaker dangle outside the helmet; Play some music. Put on helmet, and move it up and down, and rock it side to side and back and forth. Insure that the speaker placement is correct so music is loudest. If not, move the speaker and retry.


Install the second speaker. The Arai's have deep ear pockets. We have Autocom speaker spacer pads, 6mm and 12 mm thick, to move the speakers closer to your ears, if needed.



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