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Quick Change Oil Kit


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Anybody here have the Quick Change Oil Kit sold by Cyclegadgets?

If you're not familiar with it, you probably don't have one.


It consists of a spring loaded valve gizmo that replaced your oil drain plug. When you wanted to drain the oil, you'd screw on a hose attachment and out comes the oil. No Tools, No Mess! It's ideal for those oil changes thousands of miles from home.


But I lost the hose attachment, Cyclegadgets shutdown :(, and I don't know who makes it. Their site provides a link for their previous suppliers but I can't find it there.


Fram makes something similar but no where near the quality. If you know who made this one or seen something like it, I'd appreciate some direction.



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We had the Fram unit on our Silverado back when we lived in AK and traveled in northern Canada in the summers (on lots of really rough gravel or worse roads) or drove back and forth to various parts of the lower 48 and never had a problem with it. (And, like you said, it was great for quick changes on the road with very minimal mess.) So, having never seen the cyclegagets version, I'd say if there's a Fram that will fit, it might not be as bad as you think.


Alternatively, have you tried the Fram hose on the drain fitting you have?

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A very good product but, IMHO, unsuitable for BMW oilheads. I've used them on our RV and installed two on our Subaru Forester.

One for the engine and the other for the gearbox. If the Optima hasn't got a recessed oil drain plug (I'll find that out shortly when I do its first oil change), will definitely install one on it as well :thumbsup:.

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I've had a couple of the Fumoto valves with no trouble. Fram stopped making them as they were having some issues with their technology.

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No philb, not like that. better.


Like GRB mentions I too heard Fram stopped making them.

If you search ebay for Fram Sure Drain you will see some pics and understand the system. But I haven't found a 16mm to fit the RT.

They do protrude about 3/4", so if your riding over logs or rocks I wouldn't use one. You could fab some type of deflector or bumper to reduce some risk.


I've done many HOT oil changes w/o this drain during my travels. Once I've used this, I don't want to go back. There are many benefits to outweigh the risk of using it on a road bike. One of the best gadgets I've acquired per $$.


I still switch it out with the magnetic plug once in a while.


I'll figure something out.

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